In this episode James introduces Regie to the horrifying murder of Candace Newmaker. A little girl who died during a terrible "attachment therapy" session. This death seems to greatly influence a fan made game called Petscop. It's supposed to be an unfinished PS1 game that someone found and is trying to unravel the mystery of on YouTube, but what starts off as a cute creature collecting game, much like Pokemon, turns dark when the player enters the "Newmaker" plane. The similarities are too much to ignore.




Regie, Morgan and James go to see a long time anticipated movie: IT 2017 so they can talk about it and possibly fix things that were wrong with it (If anything at all haha). SPOILERS ahead is a warning you will hear in ever episode so you have been warned! We all float down here!!


In this episode Regie and James introduce Morgan, James' wife and Regie's long time friend, to the show. They discuss the movie The Bye Bye Man and take it upon themselves to fix the gapping problems this movie has. This is also the basis for The Nerdify Podcast Network's second ongoing show "Cinemechanics."




James and Regie discuss nostalgic fads, products and tv shows from their childhood. The 90s was a crazy time.




In this episode James and Regie talk to Mike Romaine about his website Superherojacked.com. They discuss hitting their one month mark in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. workout routine. Mike talks about his nerdy inspirations and how he is bridging the gap between the fitness and nerdy worlds.




In this episode James and Regie discuss the movie Wish Upon. They talk about the immense flaws the movie was plagued by and why they were there. They talk about what could have been done instead to make the movie somewhat palletable. They also run through the media that was announced at this year's Comi Con. They go indepth on the new Saw movie, Jigsaw and talk about the series as a whole. They also discuss the DC Cinematic Universe and what they expect to happen and also talk about the back story behind Thor: Ragnarok.



In this episode Regie and James talk to Elizabeth Scott, a life long member of the SCA. A non profit organization dedicated to the recreation and education of medieval times. We talk about how it all works, what a day is like, how far this reaches across the nation and so much more. Join James, Regie and Elizabeth as they dive into this world and learn a thing or two.

James and Regie also discuss the recent death of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, how his death has impacted them and also they talk about depression as a horrible disease. RIP Chester.



Want to reach out and learn more about the SCA? http://www.sca.org/

Interested in becoming a part of the fun? Check them out on Facebook

Chester Bennington

A few resources for those going through a hard time:



Suicide help line: Call 1-800-273-8255




In this episode James and Regie talk about the new Crash Bandicoot remake and also other games that need remakes. They also delve into games that were left out to dry with now well deserved sequels. They talk about how their workouts are going and what they thing of intermittent fasting so far.



In this episode Regie and James talk about why Spiderman 3 was such a bad movie and what could have been changed in order to fix it and make it's story work better. Listen in and let them know what works and what doesn't. What would you have done if you were in the director's chair or writer's chair?

Regie also talks a little about seeing Spiderman Homecoming



In this episode Regie and James talk about the shows they are currently watching. They discuss the ending of Hunter X Hunter, they discuss the premise of My Hero Academia and they discuss how The Flash TV show handles a larger than life superhero on a TV show budget. Also in this episode they discuss a lot of different anime such as: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Lucky Star, Azumanga Diaoh, Boruto: Naurto Next Generation, Princess Jellyfish and Sweetness and Lightning. Also in this episode Regie and James discuss The Bouncer in the Super Zeroes segment.


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